Ancient Robot Records

Where to Buy Skweee Inna Dancehall on Vinyl

If you haven’t gotten a copy of our most well-received release to date, here’s some info on where you can get your hands on it. To purchase your very own vinyl copy of Skweee Inna Dancehall, follow these instructions:

If you are an O.G. in SWEDEN or would like to support the shop of the godfather of skweee Pavan a.k.a Limonious, buy it online at Skwicadiscs.

For all my Juggalos in FINLAND you can contact the one and only Randy Barracuda for copies. He will most likely distribute some to the excellent physically real shops Levykauppa-Äx and Stupido in Helsinki’s lovely Kallio district.

If you are in PARIS and want them right now you can just contact me (jdconstant [at] and I will have my contacts there hook it up. That’s where the remaining stash is located. Stay tuned for them to appear in local shops around the city as well.

If you are in GERMANY hold tight, it should be appearing in shops very soon, like and all that.

If you are coolin’ on the WEST COAST of NORTH AMERICA you can try your luck at shops in Seattle and Portland, get in touch with Skweee Perry or just shout the Nation of Skweee call (WOOP WOOP) and someone will help you. If that fails, just e-mail me: jdconstant [at]

If you are in MONTREAL and are into skweee and I don’t know you, then WTF are you doing. Contact me right away.

If you are ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD or just confused and lonely go ahead and buy it directly from our Bandcamp page, right: