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Fever Loop Debut Album OUT NOW

Fever Loop is a new project from Finnish artist Heikki Sillanpää, also known as DKSTR. This album is a series of one take jams made during sleepless late night sessions with one analogue synthesizer and a simple 16 step sequencer. The final album cuts are edited from longer loops that go on for hours.

Get it here:

gonima – Out of Sides – OUT NOW

Montreal-based producer gonima joins the Ancient Robot roster with a stunning array of melodic, glitch-prone beats.


Fade Runner – Geometric Smoke OUT NOW

Montreal-based producer Fade Runner has delivered a mind-bending EP showcasing his grasp of meticulously crafted beats and enticing melodies.


Fitzroy North – Cronopic EP OUT NOW

Ancient Robot is excited to present this analog funk masterpiece by Barcelona-based artist Fitzroy North. The Cronopic EP is 5 tracks of layered, soundtrack-inspired sounds drawing from skweee, 80s boogie, modern funk beats and beyond. The EP is available at all fine digital music outlets, and the 7-inch vinyl of tracks Cronopic and Patna is available at Redeye (UK), Toolbox (FRA) and other selected stores around the world.


Fengir – Purple Ops

Grab this free DL of a tune from Fengir, composed entirely on a telephone. What a world!

Where to Buy Skweee Inna Dancehall on Vinyl

If you haven’t gotten a copy of our most well-received release to date, here’s some info on where you can get your hands on it. To purchase your very own vinyl copy of Skweee Inna Dancehall, follow these instructions:

If you are an O.G. in SWEDEN or would like to support the shop of the godfather of skweee Pavan a.k.a Limonious, buy it online at Skwicadiscs.

For all my Juggalos in FINLAND you can contact the one and only Randy Barracuda for copies. He will most likely distribute some to the excellent physically real shops Levykauppa-Äx and Stupido in Helsinki’s lovely Kallio district.

If you are in PARIS and want them right now you can just contact me (jdconstant [at] and I will have my contacts there hook it up. That’s where the remaining stash is located. Stay tuned for them to appear in local shops around the city as well.

If you are in GERMANY hold tight, it should be appearing in shops very soon, like and all that.

If you are coolin’ on the WEST COAST of NORTH AMERICA you can try your luck at shops in Seattle and Portland, get in touch with Skweee Perry or just shout the Nation of Skweee call (WOOP WOOP) and someone will help you. If that fails, just e-mail me: jdconstant [at]

If you are in MONTREAL and are into skweee and I don’t know you, then WTF are you doing. Contact me right away.

If you are ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD or just confused and lonely go ahead and buy it directly from our Bandcamp page, right:



14 tracks of synth-squeezing wizardry smashed out inna dancehall style. Watch ya!


Fengir on Skweee Shanties Vol. 2 (Tiburoni Records)

SMFM & The Crayon Industry on Milwauskweee 15


After months upon months of thought, preparation, deliberation, second-guessing, wrangling, haranguing, re-wrangling, checking in, deciding, obtaining, engaging, executing, coordinating, sifting, communicating, interacting, waiting, worrying, testing, twiddling, laughing, crying, wondering, slavering and salivating, the first vinyl release on the Ancient Robot label is here. From inception to delivery, the total time elapsed was about 10 months. Yikes-oh. Well worth it I say, since it is an extremely interesting, surprising and original high quality mix of music that comes through with a deep sense of thoughtfulness and love. It represents an essential expression of the mandate of my humble label. I want to catalog and release music made by people who make it because they need to, and have something interesting to say through their compositions on top of that. Every track on here reflects a true artist’s soul. We make music to keep ourselves sane, happy, to express our creativity and comment on the world around us. We keep an eye on trends but transcend them through our rebelliousness, our playful attitude and our good taste.

Listen to this record with an open mind, mull it over, absorb its darkness and its strange, advanced geometry.  From the cover that looks like some kind of bloody Lovecraftian death metal album, to its contents that evoke a bewildering craftiness wrapped in rainbow funk swagger, Iron Logic will leave you contemplating a pure musical expression without bias or slavishness to current tends.

You simply can’t argue with the rawness of the synthetic funk that is spraying out in all directions from this mix of tracks. Just relax and submit to its alien seduction. Get to know your corruptors:

Synaptic is a man from France whom I’ve never met, but know through the extended skweee/dubstep/beats online community I have bonded with in the past few years. He runs a blog/label/promotional outlet called nuum, and is an accomplished DJ. I hope to hear more from him in the future, as his track on the compilation is out-of-nowhere-bananas.

Smoked Meat Fax Machine is my oldest DJ/producer alias (some skweee heads may know me as Fengir) and I reserve it for more upbeat, free-wheeling intellectual funk alchemy. This time I tried a 160/80 swerve-fest reminiscent of juke/footwork. Who knows?

Radarsat-1 is a veteran techno and electro DJ/producer from Montreal who got turned on to skweee and other synthetic beats of the last few years. I’m trying to coax him to do more production, and I think it’s working. His track is like an army of robotic ants assembling an Atari ST.

Citofono are a group of dudes from Montreal who make stylish analog electronic tracks tinged with darkness and sensuality. They’ve played Mutek recently and they kind of rule the local synth scene.  Their track is some kind of dub odyssey into the nether regions of the mechanical soul.

Motëm is a madman, a jongleur, a refined barbarian-poet from the metallic lands of Hamilton, Ontario.  He’s been steadily increasing his swagger index, or swindex, since the mid-2000s as a darling of skweee-laced funk and hip hop. He is one of the most unique performers out there and his tracks are a constant source of inspiration and mind-meltation to me. I have to make up words when I describe him and his music.

RPG-H8R is another man I have never met, who is a New Zealander now living in Paris. He is a full-on mega skweee head and I have loved his productions since I first heard them a couple years ago. His tracks are intelligent, well-crafted and contain so much slap the pimp factory called with an urgent request for slap-rationing measures to take effect immediately lest they go out of business.

The Crayon Industry is an old friend of mine from Montreal who also got turned on to skweee and is now an official disciple. His track, like his alias, evokes primary colour splashes squeaking and blurting out of machines that wonder why on earth their human master is using them to make such strange and funky sounds. Stay tuned for more from this guy, he’s got the bug now.

DJ Puffin, or Milwaukee’s Finest as I like to call him, is a DJ/producer who is crafting a truly original style of disjointed yet swirling beats that are amenable to the skweee heads as much as they are to even more experimental ears. This track of his is a real gem and a favourite around these parts. Look forward to more from him.

Finally, A.J., my best kept secret. He’s a guy I never met who is living in Sweden. He consistently makes darkly sensual electro-organic jams that really stand out as level-after-next odes to fleeting passions, lovers, other strangers, and quiet storms. I can’t believe no one has picked this guy up and he’s still releasing on my super underground label. Well, now I’ve said too much.

I have decided not to give this compilation away for free or “name your price” in general because it just doesn’t feel right in this case. We are worth every penny and more, and the price is reasonable.  Plus, you get a free download of the album if you buy the coveted vinyl. It’s time to feel good about paying for quality music again, and we are here to help. Iron Logic will be available digitally through the Ancient Robot Bandcamp, Digital Tunes (EU), and Juno (UK), and vinyl copies will be sold on Insound (NYC) and through various local shops in Europe, Canada and Japan. I will post links to all those as I receive them.

Happy listening,