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Fitzroy North – Cronopic EP Teaser

Here’s a teasing sneak peak at the sizzling 5-track EP Cronopic, courtesy of analog electro-funk master and skweee jockey Fitzroy North. From Barcelona to London to Paris to Montreal, it’s going to be a good summer. Out May 18th on Ancient Robot.

Fengir – Icy Manipulator / Cautionary Limp

Out now on Tiburoni! A two-pronged glacial synthfunk release from Ancient Robot boss Fengir featuring 3 remixes from skweee heads Wankers United, Peter Drew and Radarsat-1.

Rhythmus Records Presents… [rr001]

A new label emerges from the Boston lofi/chiptune/skweee scene, headed by Scott Buchanan, a.k.a. Radio Skotvoid. The first release on Rhythmus Records, [rr001] furthers the mandate of Skotvoid’s Aces compilation (RSVP Tapes), building bridges between groups of producers around the world and finding common ground among musical styles ranging from modern hip hop and r&b beats to synth funk, 8-bit/lo-fi and experimental sounds. The result is a strong first release from a promising imprint that is crafting a cohesive aesthetic out of disparate musical sources – the hallmark of an inspired record label.

Daniela Salvia – Remixed Again on Tiburoni

Daniela Salvia - Remixed Again

The second installment of the digital single remix series for the mysterious skweee artist Daniela Salvia features reworks from Ancient Robot’s own Fengir and Tiburoni boss RPG-H8R.

Get Daniela Salvia – Remixed Again from Tiburoni

Duke Slammer – Simple Pleasures EP Teaser

Get into it: the Simple Pleasures EP by UK electro funk master Duke Slammer is coming June 9th. The digi version is supported by killer flips from skweee heads Fitzroy North, Mesak and RPG-H8R, and a sweet 7″ vinyl run of the first 2 tracks, Simple Pleasures and Seahenge seals the deal on that coveted wax.

Watch the official video for Seahenge!

Flogsta Danshall – Museum of Future Sound IV

The skweee label that started it all, Flogsta Danshall, is releasing another installment of their classic compilation series: Museum of Future Sound IV. This one celebrates the 10th anniversary of the label, featuring some veteran masters alongside newer talent that made their mark in the genre. Ancient Robot’s own Fengir earned the great honour of having a track on this double LP collection of icy synthetic funk jams. Check the promo vid below, and…


Mangrove Meets Ganjaman 72 in 5-Track Digital Dub

The original dubbed-out skweee legend Mangrove comes up big with this excellent release featuring 5 tracks and their dub counterparts, including one killer cut from the Skweee Inna Dancehall compilation. This is a crucial album to be studied closely.

Get it at Juno Download.

Radio Skotvoid – Ikea Crimejazz Vol 2

Check this thoroughly funky release from Boston-based 8-bit and skweee pusher Radio Skotvoid. Feel the heart and soul coursing through both tracks as the Skot does his thing on this aptly named release. Out now on his label RSVP Tapes, which put out the excellent Aces compilation tape last month.

Aces Compilation (RSVP Tapes)

Tape compilations are getting hotter in the extended skweee community, and this one doesn’t spare the heat. An interesting mix of minimal synth jams and forward thinking bass tunes, Aces is a wild ride through strange styles that come together under a tightly controlled 160/80 tempo guideline. This comp features a few veteran skweee masters alongside some new names that made a serious impact. Our very own Smoked Meat Fax Machine appears with a synth-laden r&b slow jam.

Fade Runner – Starwatcher EP Out Now on Tiburoni

Fade Runner - Starwatcher

Fans of the icy synth funk sound of skweee are in for a treat with this latest name-your-price digital release from the beloved Tiburoni records out of Paris. With the Starwatcher EP’s 8 tracks of masterfully crafted melodic funk, Montreal producer Fade Runner enters the sparse and rugged landscape of skweee as a promising contributor to the style. Angular yet infectious rhythms, tight crunchy bass and bright interlocking melodies course throughout this album, from the bubbling opener “Repeat” to the frosted new-jack swing of “Ploup.”  This is a sound we at Ancient Robot live for. We’re glad to see it thriving in our very own city.