Dimitris Palikaris – Exploring

Analog synth textures and meticulous beat work abound in this offering from Athens-based producer Dimitris Palikaris. Nods to 1980s sci-fi soundtracks feature prominently on this album, but here the classic Vangelis tropes are given new life by rugged beats and restrained arrangements, carrying the Ancient Robot sound confidently into 2018.

Get it here: ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/exploring

Fever Loop Debut Album OUT NOW

Fever Loop is a new project from Finnish artist Heikki Sillanpää, also known as DKSTR. This album is a series of one take jams made during sleepless late night sessions with one analogue synthesizer and a simple 16 step sequencer. The final album cuts are edited from longer loops that go on for hours.

Get it here: ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/fever-loop

gonima – Out of Sides – OUT NOW

Montreal-based producer gonima joins the Ancient Robot roster with a stunning array of melodic, glitch-prone beats.

BUY IT HERE: http://ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-sides

Fade Runner – Geometric Smoke OUT NOW

Montreal-based producer Fade Runner has delivered a mind-bending EP showcasing his grasp of meticulously crafted beats and enticing melodies.

BUY IT HERE: http://ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/geometric-smoke

Fitzroy North – Cronopic EP OUT NOW

Ancient Robot is excited to present this analog funk masterpiece by Barcelona-based artist Fitzroy North. The Cronopic EP is 5 tracks of layered, soundtrack-inspired sounds drawing from skweee, 80s boogie, modern funk beats and beyond. The EP is available at all fine digital music outlets, and the 7-inch vinyl of tracks Cronopic and Patna is available at Redeye (UK), Toolbox (FRA) and other selected stores around the world.

BUY IT HERE: ancientrobot.bandcamp.com/album/cronopic-ep

Fitzroy North – Cronopic EP Teaser

Here’s a teasing sneak peak at the sizzling 5-track EP Cronopic, courtesy of analog electro-funk master and skweee jockey Fitzroy North. From Barcelona to London to Paris to Montreal, it’s going to be a good summer. Out May 18th on Ancient Robot.

Fengir – Icy Manipulator / Cautionary Limp

Out now on Tiburoni! A two-pronged glacial synthfunk release from Ancient Robot boss Fengir featuring 3 remixes from skweee heads Wankers United, Peter Drew and Radarsat-1.


Fengir’s 2014 Highlights Mix

A mix made up of tracks from the best releases of 2014 to appear on Fengir‘s radar.

Rhythmus Records Presents… [rr001]

A new label emerges from the Boston lofi/chiptune/skweee scene, headed by Scott Buchanan, a.k.a. Radio Skotvoid. The first release on Rhythmus Records, [rr001] furthers the mandate of Skotvoid’s Aces compilation (RSVP Tapes), building bridges between groups of producers around the world and finding common ground among musical styles ranging from modern hip hop and r&b beats to synth funk, 8-bit/lo-fi and experimental sounds. The result is a strong first release from a promising imprint that is crafting a cohesive aesthetic out of disparate musical sources – the hallmark of an inspired record label.

Daniela Salvia – Remixed Again on Tiburoni

Daniela Salvia - Remixed Again

The second installment of the digital single remix series for the mysterious skweee artist Daniela Salvia features reworks from Ancient Robot’s own Fengir and Tiburoni boss RPG-H8R.

Get Daniela Salvia – Remixed Again from Tiburoni